Starting Out

You begin with 5 + charisma wealth units. Every purchase during character creation costs it’s wealth in units, you do not roll to see how much wealth it actually costs. You may purchase lifestyle with your starting wealth units, but the cost is lifestyle x5 (instead of lifestyle x 3, see below)

You can carry over up to 1 wealth unit per 3 charisma(rounded up).

You may then immediately spend this wealth on lifestyle if you’d like, but you cannot purchase more goods with your lifestyle at this time.

Lifestyle: increasing your lifestyle costs your new lifestyle x3. So going from 0 to 1 costs 3 wealth units, 1 to 2 costs 6 wealth units, etc.

When purchasing with lifestyle you can keep your basic provisions stocked(see below), but going above these levels expends standard resources. When purchasing your basic provisions you subtract the cost of your lifestyle from these purchases. If this brings the cost to 0 or less, you get to purchase these items without expending any resources. If the cost is positive, you roll that many dice still and subtract the hits from your wealth.

So for instance, one can carry 3 units of demolitions as a basic resource. Going above the basic resource limit from 3 to 6 adds not only a weight unit, but excludes the purchase from being made with lifestyle.

For instance, your a pyro, and carry 3 molotov cocktails, that carry a cost of 2. You have a lifestyle of 2. You throw 2 molotovs at a cat on your last mission (he was trying to eat a baby). When you go back to town, you can automatically reup to 3 molotovs. However you decide you want 6 molotovs from now on. Going back up to 3 uses your lifestyle, but the additional 3 cost 2 wealth units as normal, and carry a weight of 1 CU.

Lifestyle should also cover anything setting appropriate – such as a cell phone for the modern Era or a cyberdeck for a cyberpunk setting. Fuel for vehiclez can also be covered here, unless tracking fuel seperately is important to the setting, such as in a post apocalyptic settibg.

Equipment Quantity Notes
Lifestyle Expenditures Car rentals, room and board, services)
armor 1
weapons 2 This includes staves, wands and other magical instruments
Ammo 1 Unit 50 standard, 5 heavy, 2 artillery or any combo there in
Consumables 3 Potions, Poisons, drugs
Explosives 3
Misc Items 3 Maps, rope, flashlight, musical instrument, etc.
Vehicles 2 You can spend lifestyle on one personal vehicle and 1 group vehicle.
Enhanced Implants/Magic Items 1 per slot
Kits 1 Can fully restock each time you restock.
Food/Water 1 week supply

Crafting: Crafting costs are reduced in half, rounded up. You can spend lifestyle on crafted items as usual. If the crafted item has a value of 15, and your lifestyle is 5, you’d roll 3 dice to determine how much it costs. Even when crafting, when creating an item of 15 or higher you must spend 1 wealth, even if the item should be free.

Wealth Units: Your wealth units is how much raw capitol you have. This is used to make direct purchases and increase your lifestyle level.

Loot Your loot is a small unit of wealth, that cannot be used for purchases. However, when your loot exceeds your wealth, you gain a wealth unit. You subtract your new wealth value from your loot score and gain a wealth. Continue until your loot is lower than your wealth again.

Making purchases: whenever you make a purchase you

1) 1) Make sure the item is equal to or less than your lifestyle + wealth + Persuasion (hits). If it is more than that you cannot afford this item. If it’s equal to or less than move on to step 2.
2) See if the item you are purchasing is included in the lifestyle list, and if you already have the maximum number of those units. If the item is on the list, and you are not the maximum number of units (or you sell a unit) go to step 3. If the item is not on the lifestyle list, or you want to go above the lifestyle limit go to step 4.
3) Subtract your lifestyle from the cost of the item. If the cost is reduced to 0 or less you automatically aquire the item. If you still have coat left go to step 5.
4) Take the full cost of the item and carry it forward to step 5.
5) Take any cost left over and roll that many dice. For each hit (5 & 6) you subtract 1 wealth from your wealth score. If you cannot subtract that many units, you cannot make the purchase.
6) you aquire the item! Yeah buddy!

Buy/Sell Chart This chart shows

Value Minimum Cost When Bought Minimum when Crafted/Sold
15 1 1
20 2 1
25 3 2


Calculating Costs of Modifications: When modifying equipment you need to properly calculate the cost of the modifcations. Use the steps below:
1) Find the base value of the mod you are installing. Add together how many other mods are already on the weapon.
2) Add +1 to the base value of the modification you are installing for each modification already on the item. So if the weapon already has two mods, you add +2 to the base cost.
3) If you are crafting this mod yourself(or a party member is crafting it for you) divide the value in half, rounded up. This is your base value.
4) Purchase the mod as normal.

Selling Lifestyle: You can sell your lifestyle for a number of wealth units equal to your total lifestyle before the sale. So selling a lifestyle of 9 to 8 gets you 9 wealth units.

Selling Goods: When selling good you use the following criteria:
1) Compare the base value + persuasion (net hits) of the item to your current wealth. If the item is worth your current wealth or less you cannot gain any wealth for selling this item, you gain loot instead. Proceed to step 3. If the item is more than your current wealth proceed to step 2.
2) Divide the total value of the item in half. If this amount is equal to or less than your lifestyle you are too rich for this to contribute a meaningful amount amount of wealth, and gain loot for selling this item. If the item/2 is greater than your lifestyle proceed to the final step.
3) Sell the item. Halve the base value of the item (as found in step 2, but round down) and roll that many dice. Each hit increases your wealth or loot (as determined instep 1 and w) by 1 unit, but cannot increase your wealth greater than its total value. So if your wealth is 8, and you are selling an item worth 9 units, you roll 4 dice, but can only increase your wealth by 1 unit, even if all 4 dice hit. If the items base value is equal to or less than your current wealth you cannot gain more than 1 wealth from it.
4) If the item is worth 15 or more units, it automatically increases your wealth by 1 unit, even if it fails step 1 and/or 2.

Sharing Wealth Sometimes you want to share your wealth with other party members. If your total wealth is greater than a party members you may give him a wealth unit. If someone has more wealth than you, but less than half as much, you may give them 3 wealth for a single wealth. If someone has double your wealth or more you cannot increase their wealth. Yoy can still give them wealth if you like, but they get no benefit.

Combining Resources. Sometimes you need to combine resources for a purpose, such as buying a starship. When you combine resources add up all people participating in the purchases lifestyle and wealth. If the purchase is greater than this they cannot afford the purchase. If there is enough, calculate the cost of the purchase (for big purchases just divide the total by 3 rather than rolling 300 dice) and divideo that by the number of people participating in the purchase (round up). Each person then goes through and can spend lifestyle and wealth as allowed. If anyone cannot (or will not) cover their full share, carry forward all left over cost. The other members may pick up the leftover tab at the cost of 3 wealth for every 2 that’s leftover.

Score Sample
-1 or less In debt with no assets
0 Dead broke with no credit
1-2 Poor
3-4 Lower Class
5-6 Middle Class
7-8 Upper Class
9 Affluent
10 Wealthy
11+ Rich
15+ Very Rich

Wealth Traits

Rich: During character creation you begin with 5 extra wealth and a lifestyle of 3. However you have bougie tastes. When you upgrade your lifestyle you must upgrade as if going to the next level. IE – going from 3 – 4 costs 15 wealth instead of 12. Additionally, your barter is reduced by 1.

Super Rich. You are super rich. You begin with a lifestyle of 11, but can only spend lifestyle on one of the following, chosen at character creation: a single weapon, armor, consumables, explosives, Enhanced items, kits or an additional vehicle. You can still spend lifestyle on lifestyle expenses, misc items, and a single vehicle regardless of your choice. You do not gain bonus vehicles for high lifestyle. Additionally, you have high tastes from your lifestyle. All purchases you make are considered 2 wealth more expensive than their base.

Stupid Rich: You are stupid rich. You begin with a lifestyle of 15 but you start with 6 less attribute points to distribute and your racial maximum for all attributes are reduced by 2.


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