Advanced Casting Styles

Combat Style Body Agility Strength Intelligence Charisma Savvy Caster
Alchemist x x x
Elemental Specialist x x x x x x x
Ranger x x x
Caster Trappings Spells
Alchemist Acid, Air, Cold, Darkness, Animal, Death, Disease, Earth, Fire, Emotion, Force, Illusion, Life, Light, Lightning, Magma, Mind Affecting, Pain, Magma, Physical, Plant, Poison, Shadow, Sonic, Water All Spells are available.
Elemental Specialist Air, Electricity, Earth, Fire, Magma, Water, Acid, Cold Animate, Armor, Bolt, Blast, Blind, Burst, Counterspell, Conjure Weapon, Cure, Damage Field, Dispel, Environmental Protection, Farsight, Flight, Groundswell, Heal, Knockdown, Movement, Shape Change, Shield, Size Change, Smite, Speed, Stun, Summon, Teleporter, Wall
Ranger Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Animal, Plant Armor, Cloaking, Conjure Weapon, Cure, Damage Field, Enhanced Vision, Environmental Protection, Groundswell, Haste, Heal, Movement, Perk, Shape Change, Shield, Size Change,, Speed, Succor, Swarm, Summon, Tongues, Wall
Summoner Acid, Air, Animal, Cold, Death, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Magma, Plant, Water Armor, Bolt, Blast, Burst, Conjure Weapon, Damage Field, Environmental Protection, Flight, Groundswell, Light/Darkness, Movement, Shield, Silence, Size Change, Swarm, Summon, Teleporter, Tongues, Wall

Alchemist An Alchemist creates potions and bombs which he can imbue with his powers. For each potion type he learns he may create up to half his total power points in potions, at the cost of 10% of his power points and your recovery rate for PP’S from a short rest is reduced by 1 (up to -5). He must choose at the start of his day if he wants to imbue each potion he knows with powers. If he doesn’t, he can’t brew that type of potion on that day. Using a potion is always a standard action, regardless of the type of action it usually takes.

Alchemists learn a trapping each time he gains a new rank. He can make his bombs with any trappings he knows, but he must make them ahead of time. With 10 minutes of work he can make any number of potions available to him. These must all be premade. For instance, if his known power is burst, and he knows fire and acid trappings, he can make any combination of fire and acid bombs with any type of augment.

An Alchemist may have 1 potion with a duration of concentration active at a time. If he drinks another one (even from another source) he immediately loses the potion he has active. Potions with a duration of concentration last up to 1 hour.

He can only use 1 potion or bomb per round, regardless of how many he could usually use as a power. For instance, he may only throw a bolt bomb once per round.

An Alchemist spell components are always considered components.

When picking bonus spell an Alchemist can only gain one spell, he cannot learn two spells of a type he already knows.

Rank Powers Learned Description
1 1 Learn an additional trapping
2 1 If the power a potion emulates could be used multiple times (such as bolt), you may now do so.
3 1 You may hand out your beneficial potions to allies. They may have 1 Duration Concentration potion active at a time, or any number of duration potions.
4 1 You may now brew any number of potions in 1 minute.
5 1

Elemental Specialist (Intelligence & See Below). An Elemental Specialist chooses one element from the list below. You can choose any element if you picked Elemental Specialist through intelligence, otherwise you must choose the specialist of the attribute you choose to pick the style through. The element opposite yours is your opposition element.

Earth (Body) – Air (Savvy)
Fire (Agility) – Water (Charisma)
Magma (Strength) – Cold (Body)
Acid (Savvy) – Lightning (Agility)

Note: At your GM request you can choose other options such as:

Good (Body) – Evil (Charisma)
Law (Strength) – Chaos (Savvy)
Light (Strength) – Darkness (Agility)
Life (Body) – Death (Savvy)

Rank Powers Learned Description
1 2 Reduce the cost to cast spells of your chosen element by 1 PP, but increase the cost of your opposition element by 1 PP.
2 2 Resistance vs your chosen element: count 4,5 and 6 as hits when soaking and decrease threshold vs kickers by 1. You are immunt to all environmental affects caused by your element.
3 2 +2 DV and +1 to threshold vs your chosen element. -2 DV and -1 threshold vs your chosen element.
4 2 Immunity: Immune to element and kicker effects.
5 2 Choose an element that is neither your chosen or opposition school. This now becomes a second chosen element while the oopposite element becomes an opposition element.

Ranger (Body & Strength) Note: While this class is designed for animal companions, it could also be used for robots, creatures, or other beasties if the GM desires, though balance issues may come up.

Rank Powers Learned Description
1 1 A ranger may pick an animail companion. This companion is a tier 1 mook. He functions in all ways as a Mook but he deals with hit points and damage normally. While he cannot use weapons and equipment he can wear armor. Issuing a command to an animal companion is a free action, and he continues to follow that command to the best of his abilities until commanded to do something else. You may only have 1 companion from any source. If your animal companion dies you can replace him at the start of the next session at the cost of a level of long fatigue and an hour in nature.
2 1 The animal companion becomes a tier 2 mook.
3 1 The animal companion becomes a tier 3 mook.
4 1 The animal companion becomes a tier 4 mook.
5 1 The animal companion becomes a tier 5 mook.


Rank Powers Learned Description
1 1 Each time you take summon monster you learn an additional mook you can summon per tier, though you may only summon one form per casting.
2 2 For each summon monster spell modifield to tier 2 or higher, you may learn a mook 1 tier lower than your maximum, and summon 2 of those instead of 1 of your maximum tier. When summoning 2 monsters they must be within 5 hexes of each other. Whenever you learn an additional form you may also learn tiers 1 level lower. (For instance – at tier 2 casting you can learn 2 tier mooks, and 1 tier 1 mook – which summons 2).
3 1 Your summoned mooks calculate their hit points as defined under “converting mooks to principals.”.
4 2 You may chose one additional schtick when learning a summon Mook of the highest level schtick available to your mook.
5 1 Modifying summon for higher tier mooks no longer costs additional PP’S.

Conjure armor guy

Rank Powers Learned Description
1 1 Choose one of the following powers: armor, Conjure weapon, shield. You learn this power as a bonus power. You reduce the cost of augmenting this power by 1, and it does not count against you while concentrating.
2 1 You may now cast armor, Conjure weapon and shield as move actions.
3 1 Choose one of the following powers: armor, Conjure weapon, shield. You learn this power as a bonus power. You reduce the cost of augmenting this power by 1, and it does not count against you while concentrating.

Psychic weapon/armor guy

Rank Description
1 You learn armor/Conjure Weapon as the spell. You may add a trapping and it is always considered to be maximum augmented to your tier. It costs no PP to cast.
2 Your weapon/armor automatically modifies itself to the maximum amount allowed
3 You may augment your weapon/armor to 1 tier higher than normal. You may summon your weapon/armor as a move action

Advanced Casting Styles

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