Actions Chart

Skill Checks

Difficulty Threshold Skill Needed
Very Easy 1 3
Easy 2 6
Normal 3 9
Hard 4 12
Very Hard 5 15
Impossible 6 18

Attribute Checks

Difficulty Threshold Attribute Needed
Easy 1 3
Normal 2 6
Hard 3 9
Very Hard 4 12
Impossible 5 15
Action Fail Meet Threshold Beat Threshold
Stealth vs Detection Detected and spotted The target knows something is there but has not spotted you You are undetected and the target is unaware of you.
Pickpocket vs Stealth Fail to steal from the mark and you are detected while doing so You successfully steal from the mark but are detected while doing so. You successfully steal the item and remain undetected
Climbing You fall Progress one unit Progress an additional unit for each additional hit, to a maximum of one quarter your pace.
Detection vs. Traps You fail to notice the trap You notice the trap before setting it off but while in the danger zone You notice the trap from a safe distance away.
Security vs. Traps You set off and are affected by the trap you try and disarm You successfully disarm the trap You successfully disarm the trap, and if possible you recover the trap or mine to use later.
Attack vs Threshold You Miss You Hit Hit and add one DV for each hit over the threshold.
Attack vs a Dodge or Block+threshold You miss Grazing Blow- attack hits but you ignore any AP you may have on this attack Regular Hit-Hit and add one DV for each hit over the threshold.
Save vs. Addiction You become addicted You are not addicted, but addiction threshold raises by 1 You are not addicted
Area of Effect Each hit of toughness reduces damage by 3 Each hit of toughness reduces damage by 2 Each hit of toughness reduces damage by 1

Actions Chart

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